Project Description

In this investigation, data will be collected from a pair of underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs), to create a series of abstract images demonstrating the relative water clarity (turbidity) and other key metrics such as geo-location, dissolved O2, temperature, etc. These images will be named with a concatenation of the data resulting in a data and aesthetic object that also serves as an immediate and understandable image of the current environment. Avoiding traditional data visualization is key to the critical methods of this project. The intent is to present an analog form that will be readable by the general audience as well as material that can be analyzed by a seasoned professional or using imaging analysis.

Following the traditions of 'procedural art' and chance operation in 20th Century artwork, the collaborators will not alter the media for any aesthetic. Adhering to the automatic methodologies of the described art practices will also preserve the documents as a historical scientific record, essentially creating a database, allowing for repeated data collection and comparisons in future studies.

The images are to be printed on an archival medium such as specially coated aluminum sheets for exhibition. Image and other data will also be stored digitally in a repository for future studies.

Technology Used